"Premier Travel is the ONLY travel agency The Browning Group will use.  With impeccable attention to detail and service, we always feel confident our clients are taken care of to the highest standards possible. We have and will continue to recommend Premier Travel to everyone."

 Jason Browning, President -  The Browning Group

 Tour Manager -  Rob Thomas & Matchbox Twenty, Regina Spektor,

                            Cody Simpson 

 Ed Baker, Vice President - The Browning Group

 Tour Manager -  Linkin Park, Stone Temple Pilots



"For Tour Managers and Production Managers, it is important that the travel agent is accessible, and can provide helpful information and solutions for whatever comes up while a group is on the road.  This was always the case with Premier Travel.   You have a great agency, and I would recommend you to any artist or management company."

 Marc St. Louis,  Tour Manager

 Steven Seagal,  Azoff Music Management,  The Cult


"Thanks a million for all you do for us!!  Premier Travel is the best travel agency I have ever had the pleasure of working with!    Thank you!"

Doug Nightwine,  Tour Manager,  Shinedown


"Prior to working with Premier Travel I used to be all worried about a client getting to a hotel and their rooms not being ready or even worse, flight cancellations due to weather. Since working w/ Premier Travel for the last 3+ years, my life has been a million times easier - I don't need to worry about these things! Kathy May and her top notch team take care of everything from the trivial details like I need a room w/ a fridge and a crib to I need 25 hotel rooms booked on a tour to OH NO all the flights out of Salt Lake City have been cancelled due to snow and I need to get to Montana for a gig....tomorrow! Kathy and her team are amazing, they are miracle workers, easy to work with & they care about their clients well being - they are a great addition to any team!" 

 Gwyther Bultman, Artist Manager,  Indegoot Entertainment          


"A few years back I had the misfortune to change companies and lose the services of Kathy and crew and within a week I went from knowing everything was taken care of to feeling like I was a second class citizen."

Christian Davies, Creative Director, Fitch Worldwide