Kathy May (Co-founder, President)


"I think ultimately we are in the business of trust.  We started Premier in 2003- post 9/11 and the same week we went to war with Iraq.  I remember many well intentioned friends expressing doubts about us starting a small, start-up travel agency when the very idea of the 'travel agent' seemed on the verge of extinction.   It was a time of uncertainty but also a time of opportunity.    There was something missing; a level of service,  a commitment to travel management, a real sense of devotion to client services.  Previously I had spent many years managing travel on-site for a global design firm (Fitch Inc.) and I knew the value a dedicated travel manager could bring to a program.   I thought just maybe we could bring the same attitude and enthusiasm to a broader range of clients without feeling like a vendor,  but working alongside our clients as if we were on the same team.  We've experienced tremendous growth as a company but I'm most proud that we still continue to manage travel for the handful of clients we started with in 2003.   It says a lot about who we are and the absolute sheer devotion we have for those we serve."